Thursday, November 3, 2011

Custom Built in Bookcases

c    Here is an example of our Custom work potential. There was an office with limited space that had two entries, a single door and a double door. The client wanted a book case in the office and a custom closet in the room through the double doors.   We were able to achieve both by building a custom bookcase in the threshold of the double doors that backed up to our closet system behind it in the next room....  We enjoy challenges and are happy to work with our clients to create innovative solutions.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Landing pads are all the rage in storage. With so much coming and going during the busy fall season, a landing pad helps ease transitions in and out the door. It provides a convenient place for keys, mail, charging stations, shoes and other items that can create clutter in the home. Picture how these solutions can bring a sense of order to your mudroom, garage or entryway. 

A boot bench situated near the door to the garage provides a handy place to park your hats, coats, dog leash, and bags. Unique colors, durable hardware, and cool silver accents make the space as inviting as the rest of your home.

make an entrance
Intuitive hooks, shelves, and drawers keep everyday items organized and out of the house. A sturdy bench provides a place for pulling on or shedding shoes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Custom Offices

With the ease of telecommuting it seems that many more people are working from home nowadays.   Having a dedicated space for work at home can make a huge difference in productivity and comfort. We would love to help you create that perfect work-at-home space for your custom  home office area tailored to your specific needs.  Whether it is something simple and functional to something posh and ornate we are here to help you.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Entertaining Idea

If watching TV is a favorite pastime, an entertainment center may be just the thing your family may be looking for. Cabinets keep things organized so you won't go looking for the lost remote, movies and music collections. Back panels can keep cabling out of sight. Shelves offer space to display family photos and treasures.


Monday, July 25, 2011

garage planning tips

The garage is a hidden gem of bonus space that can easily be made into social space. Transforming your garage not only helps you stay organized, but it also creates another usable room for hobbies, hosting parties, or playtime for kids of all ages. Follow these expert tips for planning the best looking garage on the block.

ORG garage driftwood, entire space
One garage can support a dozen duties. The secret to accommodating all your needs is to establish zones, designating areas for each activity.
1. Transition zone - the perfect space to put down shopping bags while opening the door, hang jackets, or take off shoes while sitting on a bench. Choose open or closed storage with hooks, hangers, and shelves that adjust easily.
2. Need it now zone - quick, easy access to frequently used items such as dog food, soft drinks, canned goods or extra bulk-pantry items.
3. Recycling center - reach-in storage bins let you conceal clutter and help keep items sorted from the convenience of your doorstep.
4. Passion center - your place to escape and work on what you love most: gardening, woodworking, car tinkering, or craft building. Include a counter top made of solid ash as a primary work surface, and locking cabinets for storing chemicals or sharp tools.
ORG garage planning 7 steps
5. Large item storage - higher elevation storage fills the space all the way to the ceiling with seldom-used large items such as coolers, camping gear, and holiday decorations. Stacker cabinets store special use servers, dishes, and small appliances, freeing up space in the kitchen.
6. Activity area - the ideal home for all your active gear: rackets, lacrosse sticks, skis, snowboards, baseball bats, bikes, and kids' toys.
7. Long, tall, thin storage - just right storage for awkward seasonal supplies and yard tools near the garage door so they are handy to get to. Rakes, shovels, clippers, and other tools hang on adjustable hooks behind cabinets or on a wall organizer.

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Make the most of every minute with a quiet space to start or finish the day. This reading room with a carefully-crafted credenza provides a place to plan and prioritize or to escape summer heat with a good book. Generous cabinets contain and organize books, games, music collections, and family photos. The warmth and character of the Knotty Timber finish with black accents will add beauty into your home.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hardworking and multipurpose, the garage is an extension of the home, a transition place to the great outdoors, and oh yeah, a place to park the car. It can also become a domestic dumping ground. With these simple tips, you can transform an untidy garage into an organized, efficient and enjoyable space.
ORG garden garage center

set-up a space to escape
Designate a space for a passion station and make this the heart of your hobby area. In this Eco-nize gardening center, the work surface is kept clear by storing small tools and supplies on slatted walls. Hooks, racks and baskets of different sizes hold just about everything and rearrange with a snap. Deep, beech wood drawers stow gloves and gardening gear.

consider these tips for tackling the garage

  • Keep awkward seasonal tools nearby. Rakes, shovels, folding chairs- hang or hook these often used items on the walls nearest the garage door to lessen the likelihood that you'll ding your cars by dragging things along the length of your stalls.
  • Layer items by hazard and by height. Store children's items close to the ground, with things you'll need to share at mid-level. Stow "adult" items-chemicals, breakables, or sharp tools-overhead and behind lockable cabinet doors if necessary.
  • Designate a space for smooth transitions. Typically with one free hand as you enter/ leave your home, easy access to everyday items is essential. Use hooks for hanging coats and keys, pull-out baskets to see what you have, and surfaces such as adjustable shelves for setting shoes or groceries.
  • Dedicate a day to divide and conquer clutter. Park curbside so you can move all garage contents to the driveway. Then as a family effort, divide items by zones: indoor-outdoor transition, household overflow, large/long/long term, everyday yard gear, and hobbies.